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“As an ultra endurance mountain biker, I regularly push my body beyond its limits.  Andrew has been treating me for two years following a referral from my coach. He has seen me through two seasons of world champs and is an important part of my recipe for success.  He provides a range of treatment that is specific to me, and the needs of my competition and training.  His unique combination of functional strength and remedial massage promotes recovery and muscle balance enabling me to get the absolute most out of my body.

I would recommend Andrew to any athlete looking for a therapist that can give them the edge.”

Rach Edwards

Gold Medilist 35  – 40 24Hr World Champs 2011-12,State Enduro Champion 2011, Superseries Winner 2011, Merida Pursuit Half Winner 2011


Since commencing treatment with Andrew I have reduced my dependence on migraine medication, anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics.  I feel a genuine improvement in my posture, and feel more able to cope physically with stressors that used to result in severe headache.  Andrew is a skilled professional who is committed to delivering long-term and permanent health outcomes

Steve, Ferny Grove


Andrew has been a great asset to me over the last few years. He has not only helped me to alleviate my chronic back pain (which many other professionals have tried to fix, with no success) but has allowed me to strive for and obtain a muscular physique and strength level  I never thought possible. This is a great milestone for me!

Andrew’s approach to health care has lead me to understand the importance of a well structured wellness program and I am proud to say that it has become a healthy part of my life.

I thoroughly recommend Andrew for anyone with chronic pain in need of some magic!

Damon, West End


“Originally I came to see Andrew for a Deep Tissue Massage and quickly realised that he is much more than a massage therapist.  He helped me through a shoulder problem that I have been struggling with for more than a decade, to the extent that no other health professional has been able to do. He structured a program combining advanced massage techniques and specific strength training that not only fixed the problem but improved it to a level that I have never been able to achieve before. I now have a quality of life that has prepared me for an enjoyable, fun filled retirement!”

- Mark, Ascot


After having my daughter and then twins I had really bad back pain when trying to sleep at night. I could only last about 4-5hrs before waking up in pain. I started seeing Andrew for remedial massage a year and a half ago and immediately started getting some relief from back pain that I had endured for over 5 years. Soon after seeing Andrew for remedial massage I started weekly Pt sessions as well. Andrew has given me 8 hours of quality sleep through remedial massage & strength balancing, targeted to improve my back pain. I cannot thank him enough.

Vanessa, Nudgee


“After only 5 weeks of therapy, my posture has improved so much that I’m constantly being asked if I’ve suddenly grown taller. I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone with similar problems.”

Alex, Ascot


I came to see Andrew for some remedial massage and specific muscle strengthening after having injured my calf muscle. As you could imagine this put a serious holt to my exercise program, which I used to guide my healthy eating. With no exercise to motivate me to eat healthy I started to gain weight. I quickly found that I had put on 7kg and heading to the dreaded tonne. I have never been 100kg and was desperate not to reach this milestone. After hitting 99.6kg and still unable to do any serious exercise, Andrew devised a healthy eating plan for me to reduce my weight. I had to cut back on certain foods but was allowed to eat much more than I thought. We went back to basics and in the first week I lost 4kg and with each week after that the weight loss continued by 0.5kg -0.7kg consistently.

Basically, the only exercise I did was our personal training session which focused on specific strength training exercises to rehabilitate my calf. I am currently down to 87kg and still losing weight. I never believed I could lose that amount of weight by focusing on nutrition.
Now that my calf has improved and my nutrition is under control, I am looking forward to seeing my results now that I can exercise regularly again.

Thanks Andrew!:-)

Scott, Chermside West.


I have found Andrew’s approach to personal training to be both focused and customised ideally to my specific needs.

His attention to detail and depth of knowledge both anatomically and physiologically is impressive.  Along with his expertise as an accomplished sportsman he has used this knowledge to successfully help me achieve my goals to the extent that no other health professional has been able to do.

Mark, Ascot


“I’ve worked with Andrew for some time now on my posture, strength and flexibility and am continually amazed by the huge progress I make inall three areas. He’s by far the best trainer I’ve had and a nice guy too!”

ALEX, North Brisbane

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