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Remedial Strength Balancing

Our Remedial Program is designed for people who are looking to make a positive change to their health and don’t know where to start. Especially those of you who want to get stronger and more flexible but think gyms and weight training are a little intimidating.

In our private studio in Jindalee we will personally tailor a program combining remedial massage techniques and remedial strength training exercises which will retrain and realign your body to create a strong foundation for health and wellbeing.

At the completion of your remedial program you will have much more strength and flexibility in your shoulders, hips, lower back and ankle complex allowing these joints to function more efficiently with less wear and tear in a more balanced fashion.

This program is perfect for someone who is just starting a new strength program; as we will tailor make a program according to your body’s needs and your current level of strength and flexibility. This type of approach can limit injury and create a greater foundation for long term health and wellbeing.



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